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Glaring sunlight. Torrential downpour. Super strong winds. And your roof is solely carrying the burden. For your home. For your family. And it’s just there, maybe even decades now! But think about it… it’s doing its job great and all— but let’s be honest. After a huge natural phenomena— no matter how durable your roof is (or was promised to be), it will not escape unscathed. There are most likely gonna be gaping holes, cracks in the structure and whatnot.

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You can compare it to… a Marvel bad guy (with eh good intentions) who insists he is inevitable. Repeat after me— that’s inevitable. Damages are gonna come on to your roof. Whether you like it or not. It simply depends on two things; 1. a matter of time, and 2. A matter of nature.

I’ve been blabbing about the facts. But who cares about that, right? My point is— you gotta know when your roof is on its last legs, so you can fix it, or replace it— stat!

What You Need To Know About Your Roof

How do you know? We, as a an elite roof contractor, will help you out! For some people, wear and tears become obvious really fast because it gets in their way. Some don’t even know their ceiling is in need of a fixer- upper. That’s why we’re here to tell you the telltale signs. For the best of your ceiling and the safety of your family.

Old Age

old roof

While 25 years is a long time— it’s probably all the time your ceiling will get in their life. Unless you won’t do a roof replacement. Friendly advice though, you should call up a roofing company (us) if it’s going on 30. That’s usually where everything takes a turn for
the worse. It depends on the materials used and the mode of installation, mostly. But you should probably play it safe for this one.


shingles roof

Check your roof out. Is it looking kinda old and frankly kinda from the Jurassic ages? Eyes don’t lie. If it is… then it is— so that’s one thing to consider. Then look more closely. Have shingles? Inspect ‘em. Are they curving in the edges? In the middle or wherever? Well they’re not supposed to. If it lies flat against the roof, it’s good to go. But if not— best call it in for repair.


roof leaks

We’ve all probably experienced leaks in our home at least once in our lifetime— but that’s not a good sign. It means your exterior has gaping breaks in it, and it needs fixing. If there aren’t any obvious signs, we’ll let you in on a secret. Wanna know how? It’s simple. Climb up your attic. If you see sunlight breaking through (and not from the windows)— it’s official. You got a leak, and you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Ticked your boxes? We’re sorry to have to break it to you. Honestly speaking, it’s a nuisance to have your ceiling replaced. But it is necessary.

So, when this happens, you want your roof restored in its prime, perfect condition. Just not simply fixed after a damage— but fortified. And we’ll do it for you!

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We Are Roofing Company Independence

An acclaimed roofing company based in Independence, IA. A little off the mark form your location? Don’t worry. We’ll consider everything. Cedar Rapids, IA. Cedar Falls, IA. Waterloo, IA. We can service your areas too.

Trust us, we’re legit roofer installers that would never:
● Rip you off your hard-earned money
● Pressure you into buying
● Up and leave halfway through the project
● Talk over your head
● Do a less-than-perfect job

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Roofing Services We Offer

We do everything. Our company will give you all your roofing needs. Repair. Replacement. Roof installment. Heck, even cleaning your ceiling. We’re one of the best roof installers in Iowa (keeping it humble, just until we expand a bit more). We’re the right guys (and gals) for the job. No matter what you need, Best Roofing Independence is here. Well that rhymed, a little bit. Put your worries aside, with out high quality service you’ll never have to worry again.

Having second doubts about us and our services? We’ll let our previous super-satisfied clients’ testimonials (with pictures attached) and reviews speak for themselves. Or better yet— once you hire us to work on your ceiling, we’re sure it’s all going to be pretty obvious why we’re the best in the market.

If we sound confident, that’s just because we’re pleased with the way our work turns out for each for our clientele. We’re positive we can do the same for you too. For your ceiling, you’ll need all the assistance you can get. If not for your house, then for the protection of you and your loved ones.

So tell us, what’s happening?

What can we do to help? Leaky ceiling getting on your nerves? Roof looks awful? Maybe it’s getting old? No need to search up “roofing company near me” (even though that’s probably how you found us) because we’re here. Whether your ceiling is growing mold and mildew, or whether you just (plainly) are in need of a roof, you don’t need to look no further.

Whaddya think? Convenient, huh? Well convenient is our middle name. We’ll come there and fix your roof immediately. The one you’ve probably been worrying about for hours on end. Just call or contact us via email us. We’ll arrive and finish it in a jiffy. We’ll even give you a free quote! But no pressure, and no obligations afterwards. We understand.

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What We Can Do For You

So enough of that. The question is— what can we do for you? Good question. But what don’t we do? If it’s anything roof-y, we’re your best bet.

In need of a roof installation? We do everything. Want a metal roof that’s light-weight but durable? Lucky you! we’re the best metal roofers in the area. Need a PVC or Composite roofing? We’re the ones to count on.

Any specific design you need? Slate roof? Gable roof? Hip roof? We’ve got it all. And we don’t just stick to one style (unlike our competitors, ha!) We specialize and update ourselves and our roofers with these types of roofs, so we can serve you competently.

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Good enough for ya? No? Well, you can relax. We still offer other services. Our experience as a big roof contractor business is a great asset, we know what to do with whatever your problem is.

We got roof inspections, if anyone’s interested. We can give you peace of mind for anyone worrying about the state of their roof. Roof growing mold and mildew? We’re here to get our hands dirty. It’s not a problem. Call us.

In need of a rain gutter installation? Sit back and relax— and let us do what we do best.

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So, what are you waiting for? If your roof is in need of fixing— we got your back. Roofing Company Independence, acclaimed roofing contractors, and in this business we are considered one of the elites. We’re pleased to do the work for you, and always happy to help.