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What you need to know about Slate roofs and roofers

What you need to know about Slate roofs and roofers

Slate makes a good material for any part of your house.

Countertops, blackboards and, of course, roofs. Slate has its own characteristics as to why it’s used in almost everywhere. First and foremost, slate is a metamorphic rock– the finest grained foliated metamorphic rock.

It has a unique style to it, which is why it’s used on many parts of a house. It also has its own varied aesthetic changes, to which, slate is also classified as “weathering” and “non-weathering” — some refers to this as “fading” and “non-fading”. Weathering is the term to describe slates whose color changes slowly as time passes. Of course, it would be introduced to elements that would contribute in fading the natural color.

Unweathering Slates

Unweathering slates retain their original color throughout their lifetime, and these are the generally, ideal ones for roofs. Slates usually has colors like black, gray, purple, green and red. Some are combinations of them. It’s classy and adds a modern touch if that’s what you’re looking for.

Not only is it beautiful and appealing to the eyes, it’s quite strong too. Resilient to cracking, scratching and chipping—the nightmares of most roof fanatics. Also, because of its low absorption rate, it doesn’t have to face freezing and frost damage! Yes, roofs can suffer in the cold too. 

Roof Materials

Since a lot of roof materials can’t stand frosty weathers, they also can’t stand heat! Luckily, slate is fireproof and can withstand the sun’s heat for long periods of time. Okay, now that we’re done with the basic knowledge of slates, we’ll go to the slate roofs and its installment.

As you may know, slate roofs are formed with tiles of slates or, a funnier name, shingles. The installment of shingles depends on the angling of the roof and the overall measurement and dimension of the tiles. And installing the roof is just attaching every single tile and placing them properly so they won’t fall off and is actually secure.

Attaching Slates

But, it’s not an easy job. Attaching slate tiles are actually tricky. The placement and the careful planning on where you need to place the nails should be accurate, unless if you want your roof to have falling shingles every now and then.

Poor installation of slate roofs is common, and it’s no surprise since the heaviness of slate and putting them together one by one are no joke. Leaks and feeling like you got no roof are no joke either.

This is where slate roofers come in. Roofers are the wonderful people that help you with all your roofing needs like repairing and installing. Slate roofers are those that specialize in installing slate roofs, and I tell you, their service is helpful.

Slate roofers do the installment and all the fixing for you, and spare you from all the trouble. For a cheap price, they can repair, install, and fix all your roof problems in no time!

If your slate roof needs some fixing, instead of doing it all by yourself, contact a slate roofer!