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2 Things your Rain Gutter Service Won’t Tell You

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Rain gutters are essential to a house to prevent any water from seeping into the inside foundations of the walls. It is important to keep regular and proper maintenance of your rain gutters if you do not want your precious house compromised!

However, the problem with most rain gutter services is that when you hire them to fix a problem you have, they don’t usually tell you about what it is and how to prevent it in the future. They just come in and don’t do anything but simply what they are hired for: fix the problem. Then after the problem is fixed and all is fine and dandy, you still have no idea how to prevent it next time it happens and how good of a roofing contractor your guy is and how long will it remedy your problem.

Here at Roofing Company Independence, we inform you about the issue so you know about what is actually going on. Here are two major secrets that major rain gutter companies are holding you back on:

Leaves are a massive culprit

Unweathering slates retain their original color throughout their lifetime, and these are the generally, ideal ones for roofs. Slates usually has colors like black, gray, purple, green and red. Some are combinations of them. It’s classy and adds a modern touch if that’s what you’re looking for.

Not only is it beautiful and appealing to the eyes, it’s quite strong too. Resilient to cracking, scratching and chipping—the nightmares of most roof fanatics. Also, because of its low absorption rate, it doesn’t have to face freezing and frost damage! Yes, roofs can suffer in the cold too. 

sagging gutters are easily fixed

Your rain gutters can potentially sag if too much debris is weighing on it or if it is not correctly installed. If you think the one you’re having is the former, then it’s actually easy to fix as just tightening the screws or replacing and spacing the hangers correctly! If not fixed immediately, it can cause the latter which will require a larger job to fix and also your hard-earned dough!