Roof Maintenance 101: Causes Of Roof Damage

Roof Installers

You may have noticed lately that there’s something. . .off about your house whenever you look at it from afar. Not sure whether it’s the paint job of your house not working anymore or what, you take a closer look. And then you see it, at the topmost part of your house. Whether it was due to the storm last week or the strong wind that blew last night, but your roof has suffered from serious damage and is ruining the aesthetic of your house!

But what you probably don’t know is that damage to your beloved roofing doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process that piled up over the years and usually ends up collapsing in front of your face. Despite its tough look, roofs are very vulnerable because they are exposed to the elements from the moment it has been installed until the end of its lifetime.

Roofing Contractors

Which is why once you notice that there is something wrong with your roof, you ought not to ignore it and instead call a roofing contractor before it gets worse. Roofing Company Independence put up a list of catalyst that affect the deterioration of your roof. The contractor will play a big role with your roof. A great contractor can lessen the problems and complications your roofing will face in the future. A bad contractor can give your roofing more problems and complications. Roofing Company Independence is here to help you. In all the years our company have in service we have done a great deal of work and we take pride in our satisfied costumers. Our reviews, feedback, and ratings are proof our work. Set your worry aside and give us a call!

Improper Installation

More common than not, this is the root of all the problem homeowners face when it comes to roofs and roofing maintenance. There’s a variety of factors related to this including faulty installation of shingles, using inappropriate flashing, not using under-layment, and many more. Additionally, roofing over worn and old shingles is a disaster waiting to happen. That is why in choosing the right company to entrust your roofing is important.


From rain and cold temperature to intense winds and storms to the scorching summer heat, your roof faces it all just so you won’t have to. Your roof is constantly battered and bruised by nature on your behalf and sooner or later, it will show. A roofing company will be able to provide you with the proper materials to protect your roof from the kind of weather in your area. Give your residential home a great roof and roofing maintenance, we’re just one call away.

Pests and Moss

Aside from the weather, tiny creatures such as termites and ants are one of the mortal enemies of roofs. Even rats and mice can burrow through the smallest crevice and cause damage. Your shingles and gutters are not safe from them. Even birds and squirrels may drop their excrement or build their nests on your roof and be troublesome. Our company has done great deal of calls from this problem and we have handled them with great care.


More than anything, the passing of time is your roof’s worst adversary. There is simply no escape from it. In the end, shingles and other part of the roof will weaken and get brittle. It will only get worse if you neglect it to the wear and tear of time.

These are just some of the causes of damage to your roof. The only solution to keep your roof from deteriorating any further and posing potential harm not only to your family but to your neighborhood would be to invest in roof repairs and replacement. There are lot of companies that can help you fix your roofing but our roofing contractor can do more services. We, as an elite in the business, not only fix and prevent problems, we give more so that you will be prep and prepared in the future. You hold a big part, its your house, what you do and don’t do will affect your roofing.

If you’re a homeowner in Independence and its local surrounding area looking for someone to check if your roof is damaged or just feel like asking for advice about roof maintenance and repair, contact Roofing Company Independence now! We are tried and tested to provide the best roofing installment and replacement services in Independence. Name your problem, we’ll solve it for you. Don’t know the problem? No worries, we’re only one call away. Don’t prolong the wait, you have found the answer to your problems. You can call us or you can fill up the form to get a free quote today.