Metal Roofers With Roofing Company Independence

Metal Roofers

What do you say to having beauty in the form of a metal roof installed on your house?

Metal roofing has been associated with luxury, wealth, and riches in the past, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s beautiful, aesthetic, and it really complements a person’s home well. Well, lucky for you, citizens of Independence, thanks to Roofing Company Independence and their metal roofers installation services, that’s no longer the case! If you’ve always dreamed of metal roofing on that lovely house of yours, then allow us to make your dream come true!

Why You Should Choose Metal Roofers

Who doesn’t like a pretty roofing? Your home’s roof isn’t just for rain protection, it’s also there to get those passerby heads turning! You’ll soon lose count how many of your guests tell you how nice of a roof you have because it’s just that good! A home reflects its owner, and believe us when we tell you metal roofers will do you a solid.

But maybe you’re not into aesthetics and is more of an economical kind of guy. Most people whose owned them would tell you that metal roofing are a good investment. Yeah, there’s shingles, but shingles aren’t really known for lasting long. Metal roofing, however, are a different story. Given the right conditions and care, metal roofing can easily outlive a century (whereas shingled roofers would have required you to change at least seven or eight times by that time)! Sure, metal roofing is expensive when you’re browsing—Nowadays contractors would price you $7 to $14 dollars per-square-foot. But if you take into account how little you’ll be replacing your roofing, it’s definitely the bargain of a lifetime!

But let’s not forget the most important part: practicality! So, is a metal roofing better than other types of roofs? It definitely has its perks, and metal roofers does perform better in some departments than other types of roofing. For example: metal roofers are great at resisting a lot of things. People sometimes worry about their roof catching fire, getting eaten by bugs, or being colonized by mildew. Well, drop your worries at the door because the metal does not allow for any that! Metal roofing also adds a nice number to your home’s resale value too, fetching you up to 6% more than a shingled roof!

Types Of Metal Roofers


Like the good ‘ol classic look? If so, then the standing-seam steel is for you!


This long-lasting metal is soft, quiet, and holds well against hard-hitting hail!


A century is nothing to aluminum. It’s also resistant to salt corrosion for the coastal folks.


Zinc roofer is cheap, lasts a long time, and will heal any minor scratches on its own!

Hire Roofing Company Independence

Need metal roofing installed on your house? Think Roofing Company Independence! We’re your #1 choice when it comes to roofing in the state of Iowa. Roofing is our field, and metal roofers is one of our many specialties. In this business, we are are one of the top-tiers. Certified high-quality services. Have a look at your options, take your pick, and make that dream roof yours with Roofing Company Independence! Residential or commercial, we got you covered!